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RESCOM standard home loan

This loan is the most common form of borrowing for straight forward PAYG income earners or business owners with updated financial. It is suitable for purchase, refinance or gearing up of residential properties that are owner occupied or investments.

It has a wide range of features which can include an offset account, line of credit account, credit card, ability to make additional repayments or paying off your loan in advance (without penalty).

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NDIS Variable TMD

Prime Fixed TMD

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VISA Debit Card TMD

VISA Debit Card – Application Form

Rescom Prime Fixed TMD (Archive)

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RESCOM fastdoc
(no financials) loan

This is an alternative for self-employed applicants who are unable to provide certain financial documentation (ie. current business financials or tax returns) to confirm their income details.

Applicants are required to provide a declaration of income and affordability and must meet standard lending guidelines.

RESCOM line of credit loan

This operates in a similar fashion to an overdraft facility but at a much lower interest rate. It allows a client to drawdown an amount of funds up to an approved limit and use it as a revolvingline of credit with no principal repayments necessary during the loan term.

This type of loan can especially be utilised for investment purposes ie. to purchase shares or additional property.

RESCOM construction loan

Offers finance to clients who wish to construct a residential property for either owner occupation or investment.

The loan is advanced on a cost to complete basis with progress payments made to the builder. The cost to complete the property is retained by RESCOM at all times during the construction period. Clients only pay interest on the amount they have actually drawn down.

Rescom Prime Fixed TMD

Rescom Prime Variable TMD

Owner Occupied Fixed (Archive)

Owner Occupied Variable (Archive)

Investment Variable (Archive)

Investment Fixed (Archive)

RESCOM commercial loan

We offer a number of alternatives for commercial funding.

Investment, Purchase, Refinance, Construction and Joint Venture Projects can be considered.

We are able to fund up to 75% of the Loan.

Loan calculator

*The loan calculator is only indicative of monthly financial services payments.

Financial planning

RESCOM financial planning

Our financial planning specialists will review and analyse your financial position and work with you to create a financial plan to help you achieve your goals.

Implementing your tailored financial plan is just the beginning, we will then regularly review your plan, help you manage financial risk and investment decisions which ultimately helps you maximise returns.


RESCOM superannuation

RESCOM superannuation can work with you to assist with setting up your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We will also help manage your existing SMSF and assist with changing your SMSF administration provider.

The superannuation choices you make today will have a big impact on your retirement.

As per the ASIC Regulatory Guide 165 AFCA is the complaint ombudsman for Rescom.